ACAT Metal Drilling Ltd. is Edmonton’s biggest metal drilling shop. 


Since 2004, we have served over 200 of the city’s premier machine shops, metal suppliers, and oil and gas companies, as well as many others throughout Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Specializing in gun drilling, ejector drilling, and trepanning, we can drill hole sizes anywhere from .25” diameter up to a 7” diameter.  We work with materials of all different shapes and sizes, ranging anywhere from a few inches long to over 20 feet, and diameters from under 1” to over 20”.  We handle all different types of metal alloys, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, titanium, nickel, chrome, copper and bronze, as well as plastics and more.  We specialize in straight drilling, blind holes, step drills with multiple sized diameters, off center drilling, reaming, counter-rotating drilling, and more. We also have a heavy duty automatic saw, capable of sawing up to a 20” diameter, and facing crooked material.

Pick ups and drop offs are always quick and convenient in our fully paved yard, and for your sensitive materials, we have plenty of space for safe storage in our 15,000 sq. ft. shop. We offer competitive pricing, timely delivery, and quality service.  And we always guarantee our work!

Call us today for a quote, and let us help you with all your drilling needs!